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Current Semester

SYD 3800
Sex & Gender in Society | Spring 2022

Examination of sex and gender in society, as reflected In social norms, attitudes and beliefs, public and private practices, and social institutions.

Pride Parade

Previously taught courses

PSY 3930
Psychology of Close Relationships | Spring 2022

Special Topics

Family Time

    Alcohol in Society (Undergraduate)

    Applied Social Statistics (Undergraduate)

    Research Methods in I/O Psychology (Graduate)

    Health Psychology (Undergraduate)

    Psychology of Women (Undergraduate)

    Laboratory in Statistical Methods (Undergraduate)

  Teaching assistant:

    Structural Equation Modeling (Graduate)

    Multivariate Statistics (Graduate)

  Guest lecturer:

    Violence Against Women: A Global Perspective (Graduate)               

    Sensation and Perception (Undergraduate)

    Human Sexuality (Undergraduate)

    Mediation and Moderation (Graduate)

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