STRIVE Lab Members


Madelyn Diaz

Lab manager

Graduate research assistant

Madelyn is a Ph.D. student in Sociology studying within the Crime and Deviance track at the University of Central Florida, where she also received her M.A. in Applied Sociology and B.A. in Criminal Justice. She is a former Department of Homeland Security intern, U.S. Marshals intern, and recently served as managing editor for Homicide Studies. Her research interests include human trafficking, the criminology of place, interpersonal violence, and quantitative methodologies. 


Cameron Davis

Graduate research assistant

Cameron received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida in 2020. She is currently a first-year student in UCF’s Clinical Psychology PhD program. Cameron is working alongside Drs Woerner, Dunn, and Dvorak on the SEED grant titled Alcohol use and impacts on sexual violence and sexual risk behavior: Identification of mechanisms and development of intervention strategies. Her research interests include substance use expectancies, sexual aggression proclivity, and the development of intervention and prevention programs for sexual violence. 


Sarah Da Silva

Graduate research assistant

My name is Sarah. I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Sociology with a graduate track specialization in Medical Sociology. Some of my current research interests include grappling with social inequalities, intersectionality, and physical and mental health concerns. I hope to one day become a researcher who makes known the need for equity and instigates change through inter-disciplinary work within education and health institutions.


Amogh Nagol

Undergraduate research assistant

I am a sophomore with a Biomedical Sciences Major on the neuroscience track. My aspiration is to go on into med school to pursue a career to become a physician. I joined the STRIVE Lab to increase my research experience and learn about the sociological aspect of behavioral medicine such as human interactions and interpersonal relationships. My current research interests include how interpersonal stress can influence health/mental behaviors, aggression, and other social pains. 

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Elana Gabriel

Undergraduate research assistant

My name is Elana Gabriel. I am a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Psychology on a clinical track. I am passionate about understanding and helping others in a proactive way, and I feel that research is a major steppingstone in doing this. Additionally, I am interested in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and understanding techniques for mental health treatment, especially in those who suffer from trauma, substance abuse, and interpersonal violence.


Anais Toussaint

Undergraduate research assistant

My name is Anais Toussaint. I am a senior majoring in psychology with the crime, law, and deviance minor and the behavioral forensics certificate. I plan to attend graduate school for a PhD in clinical psychology. My interests are violent crime, mood and stress disorders, interpersonal violence, and deviant behavior. Through research I hope to help alleviate mental health issues with individuals that have gone through traumatic and violent experiences. 

Lab alumni

Honors undergraduate thesis students:

Diamonde McCollum
Alexandra Sabal
Christopher Sellas
Samantha Echevarria

Graduate research assistants:

Ciara Peebles
Andrea Smith
Kelli Dauphinais