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STRIVE Lab Members


Cameron Davis

Graduate research assistant

Cameron received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida in 2020. She is currently a second-year student in UCF’s Clinical Psychology PhD program. Cameron is working alongside Drs Woerner, Dunn, and Dvorak on the SEED grant titled Alcohol use and impacts on sexual violence and sexual risk behavior: Identification of mechanisms and development of intervention strategies. Her research interests include substance use expectancies, sexual aggression proclivity, and the development of intervention and prevention programs for sexual violence. 


Rachel Cooper

Graduate research assistant

Rachel is a first year Clinical Psychology PhD student in the STRIVE and HEAL labs. Rachel graduated from Smith College in 2017 with a BA in Psychology and Religion and worked in two research labs prior to coming to UCF. Her research interest is broadly sexual assault, and more specifically, the role substance use plays in perpetration and victimization, factors that contribute to negative outcomes among survivors and how and why LGBTQ+ people are disproportionately affected by sexual violence. 


Brettland Coolidge

Lab Manager

My name is Brettland Coolidge, a UCF Alumni with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Clinical Track, and a minor in Diversity and Social Inequality. Having lived my life in wonderfully diverse communities with a loving and neurodivergent family, I have focused my researched interest towards the psycho-social, environmental, and cultural factors that influence mental health outcomes among trauma exposed individuals in minoritized populations. I currently work as Lab Manager for the STRIVE lab and virtually as an intern for the TASC research team contracted under the Department of Veterans Affairs. I also have past experience working as a Research Assistant for Dr. Mottarella on Academic Advising. I hope to apply and be accepted into a PhD program for Clinical Psychology in the 2024 application cycle.


Adriana Torres-Juan

Undergraduate research assistant

Adriana is a senior majoring in Clinical Psychology and minoring in Sociology, with a specialty in investigating LGBTQ+ populations.  Her primary research interests include exploring how the individual differences and unique experiences of LGBTQ+ folks impact their mental health and differ from their cisgender, heterosexual peers.  Adriana is currently hired onto the Sexual Health and Relationships Education SEED grant working alongside Dr. Woerner.  She is also hired onto two NIH grants with UCF's College of Medicine and is involved in several other research labs with the Department of Psychology.  In her free time Adriana devotes herself to foiling her cat, Apple's, plans of knocking everything to the ground.. and inevitably fails.


Paula Martinez De Pinillos

Undergraduate research assistant

Paula is a senior majoring in Biology Pre-Professional with a minor in Medical Sociology. She plans to attend Med-School after graduating with her bachelor’s degree at UCF. Paula is passionate about learning about trauma and how to help individuals to overcome these experiences. Her research interests include trauma response, patterns of violence-aggression, and social inequalities. Paula’s goal is to understand better the relationship between the cultural aspects of violence patterns and other factors that could lead to interpersonal violence. 


Britney Chen

Undergraduate research assistant

My name is Britney Chen. I am a Psychology major in my junior year for the Clinical Track. My current interests include learning about stress and anxiety, such as burnout because this is something I deal with every day. I want to pursue a Psychology PH.D. for clinical psychology after graduating. Although I am not too sure what specific psychology career I want at this time, I have always desired to learn more about myself which is one of the main reasons why I joined the Strive Lab. I am excited to gather valuable research experience and explore my interests further.


Kayla Norman

Undergraduate research assistant

My name is Kayla Norman. I am a 3rd year student majoring in Psychology on the Clinical track with a minor in Statistics. I am interested in exploring the role of control dynamics in relationships and how they impact occurrences of sexual assault and interpersonal violence. I am also interested in how the use of substances potentially impacts one’s sense of control and their intimate relationships. Finally, I am excited to see the ways in which my interest in cognitive psychology can tie into the clinical and social realm that Strive works in. Upon completing my bachelor’s degree, I hope to get a PhD in Clinical Psychology. 

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Emelina Gomez

Undergraduate research assistant

Emelina is a senior majoring in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. Her research interests reside in sexual violence, both victimization and perpetration, along with how culture intersects with both experiences. Further research interests include sexism, stereotyping, and media as a tool for gender-role socialization. Emelina plans on pursuing graduate school with hopes of a career as a psychologist for women and girls who've experienced sexual violence. Emelina is also a proud member of the UCF Mexican Student Association.


Paris Cloutier

Undergraduate research assistant

Paris is a senior undergraduate majoring in clinical psychology with a minor in crime, law, and deviance and behavioral forensics certificate. Her research interests include forensic psychology, sexual violence perpetration, victim advocacy, and implementation of evidence-based practices. Paris is currently hired to work on the Sexual Health and Relationships Education grant while writing her undergraduate thesis. She is looking forward to applying to Ph.D. programs to continue research.

Lab alumni

Honors undergraduate thesis students:

Diamonde McCollum
Alexandra Sabal
Christopher Sellas

Elana Gabriel
Samantha Echevarria

Graduate research assistants:

Ciara Peebles
Andrea Smith
Madelyn Diaz
Kelli Dauphinais

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